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Stitchmax – The Ultimate Guide to Understand an Embroidery Software

Embroidery is a term based on the french word ‘broderie’, which means embellishment. The first trace of stitch-based decoration on a fabric dates back to the 3rd century, China. Though the needlework craft that formed the base of embroidery has been found in the fossils of Cro-Magnan days i.e. 30,000 BC. There are some archeological…

Stitchmax – The Embroidery Software

About Stitchmax: Stitchmax is embroidery software, enabling the designers to create multiple and variable patterns, designs, and shapes in sewing, especially stitching. Stitchmax is offered by Stitchmax solution LLP. Objective: An objective behind developing the software is to bring ease and speed up the process of embroidery designing. Plus, to get a platform that allows…

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